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28 Mar 97

I've got a bit of a cold so I wasn't able to get as many details listed as I'd like, or do a real update of the Watch This Space page -- hopefully over the weekend, not that anyone reads it.

Some links have changed internally as I reorganized the directory tree a bit; if you had links down deep they may have gotten screwed up but probably not.

16 Mar 97

Made some design changes to the directory and the header graphics. They're now split for specialization. Whoopie.

Revamped the Info Desk section layout a bit, and changed all links to visit those files. I removed the second copies of the info files that were in each section; it was just too confusing to edit.

I removed the second-level menus from 24fps as it didn't suit the material or what I plan to do with the space.

Minor edits to a few files, mostly insignificant corrections.

Split the 1996 items off this list into another file.

10 Mar 97

Theaters not currently running revival programs or film events were removed from those two lists. It appears the Canyon Theater in San Dimas has gone Art House as well, bringing the total screens lost in one way or another during 1997 to four - Silent Movie (which hopefully will be back) and the Four Star are closed; the State in Pasadena has also switched to art films.

For February, Movieville got 2,150 hits, bring the total to 9,795 reported hits. With 711 so far in March, that's 10506. Wow! I passed a cool milestone and didn't even know it. That doesn't include images or files pulled from caches, so it's in some ways even more - 10,506 reported loaded pages - thanks LA!

21 Feb 97
Sometime in the last few days I updated the menus on 24fps to have the new buttons, and I made the last couple of corrections to the places where I said SR was a 6 channel system. Oops. It's four.

While I'm here in the history column, let me say I'm completely bummed by the Four Star closing next week, and I say everyone should go down and see The Great Escape this week not only because it's a great movie, but because you should see this theater before it rides off into the sunset. I'll probably write an article about this for 24fps, but now I've got to run off to see "Empire Strikes Back". Hmm... some revivals sure seem to work.

17 Feb 97
This is changed - I'll now try to put anything trivial over here. "Trivial" means design changes and whatnot that aren't things you really need to have listed in a "what's new" section because you won't miss a movie or an event if you don't hear about it.

Out of date events were deleted from the revival list.

To see if I could do it and to save a little screen real estate, the standard menu bar is now up in the graphic for everywhere but 24fps. I'll change it there eventually. Let me know if you think it completely sucks. I removed the "Contact Movieville" and "Add Theater Info" parts and made a whole new "Feedback" section and menu. I updated the site map and the directory, and made some nips and tucks in various places to code and menus. I should really be writing instead.

31 Jan 97
Growing more - 3047 loaded pages (not counting graphics), with a total of 7645 known hits to date. A crude directory-load counter gives an estimate of 665 visitors for the month. Opened the 24fps section with only a few files (and it seems to take me forever to write more) but slowly it's all getting there.
For older items, check What's New from 1996.

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