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31 Dec 96
A good month, with 2138 hits (again, not counting the header graphic!), with a total of 4598 known hits for 1996. Thank you!

30 Nov 96
Growing quickly. November saw refinements of the menu system, more areas, a subdivision on the theater listings, a new offline database to assist in the construction and tracking of theater review info, a new logo and 1393 hits for the month.

31 Oct 96
Designed a logo, revamped the menu system, organized more info and pages and opened offically. Advertised in a few newsgroups, applied for and got listed on both Yahoo and Yahoo Los Angeles, and sent the URL to a few other search engines. The day the Yahoo and Yahoo LA listings went up, hits increased dramatically. 461 hits for the month, mostly in the last three days.

30 Sep 96
61 hits for the month. Split the one massive review file into individual files.

31 Aug 96
56 hits, maybe more - I'm missing some records here. Slow, though.

31 Jul 96
146 hits for the month. Could have been me, who knows, while testing and whatnot.

30 Jun 96
93 hits for the month. I think I decided what the place should be like.

31 May 96
98 hits for the month. Expanded the theater list some, if I remember correctly.

30 Apr 96
80 hits for the month. Added some May screenings, not much else.

31 Mar 96
72 hits for the six days left in March. Seems like a good start.

25 Mar 96
A few days old, Movieville gets a name and its own directory in my space. With a directory comes the ability to track hits, for the whole directory only but hey, it's better than nothing, right? BTW the header logo that appeared some months later is stored in another directory, so the hits rate isn't artificially inflated.

Mid-Mar 96
Hey, what the web needs is a list of the special screenings in LA. Simple. Wouldn't take much time. Stupid me....

I can remember a time when where we went to the movies was just as important as the movies we went to see .... From the moment moviegoers arrived to buy their tickets, there was a sense of something special, a feeling that to step inside was to enter another time and place. - Gene Kelly