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Movieville turns 3! - 3/26/99

On the 23rd of March in 1996 I started up a little list of special screenings and stuck it in my fairly new home directory on one little page. I posted to a bunch of newsgroups, and people seemed to like the idea. I did a list again in May and three years later, here we are.

I'm proud of Movieville - I think it's a unique resource on the web and while I can't spend as much time on it as I'd like, traffic is still slowly increasing with basically no advertising or other promotion. (And note there are still no ads at Movieville to influence things.)

I'm looking to expand Movieville some, but I'd like to hear from you in what direction you think Movieville should grow - more about theaters, more about movies, or what. Yes, I've been terrible about answering feedback mail in the past, but I'm about caught up on the 1500 or so emails from other sites and just my life in general that backed up while I spent most of 1998 dealing with the universe's plans for me and my father. All of the piled up feedback is next - so keep it coming!

I've got a number of new multiplexes to add, a single screen theater to delete, and a new showtimes resource to tell you about -- but they will have to wait for Monday and a rare mid-week update.

Thanks for dropping by, tell your friends, and I love to get email telling me to continue!



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New Star Wars trailer - 3/12/99

A new Star Wars: The Phantom Menace trailer was released to theaters today. It's two and a half minutes long, and appears to share zero footage with the original teaser trailer. The trailer shipped with prints of "Wing Commander" but that does not mean it will absolutely be playing with that film. Please email if you spot the trailer elsewhere, to help others catch it.

Also, the official release date for Star Wars has been moved up two days, to Wednesday, May 19th. On top of all that, a new poster is out - look for it.

For more info: - official site - excellent fan site

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Movie prices hit $9.50 in New York

An AP story at CNN reports that ticket prices at some Manhattan theaters have hit $9.50. The highest price I know of in LA is at the Beverly Center and Beverly Connection, which are now $8.25. I guess this isn't terribly useful news, but at least you can feel better knowing we're not THERE yet.

By the way, I haven't updated the movie prices on the theater review pages in a couple of years. Does anyone actually care? If so, I'll do it.

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Trailers get quieter

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Sherman Oaks Galleria closing; will grow an 8-plex

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New Mann Plaza site

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