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Sites Updates - 26 Feb 99

Tom Stoppard & Marc Norman at Book Soup Saturday - 19 Feb 99

Thanks Blake:

From: "Middleton, Blake"
Subject: Tom Stoppard & Marc Norman
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 17:14:11 -0800

Tom Stoppard & Marc Norman, authors of "Shakespeare In Love" will be
appearing at Book Soup Bookstore on Sat, Feb 20 at 5:30pm.

Book Soup is located at 8818 Sunset Blvd (near Tower Records, across the
street), West Hollywood.  Phone: (800) 764-BOOK.

Columbia Pictures 75th Anniversary Film Festival at the Cinerama Dome - 12 Feb 99

American Cinematheque presents "Belles du Jour: French Actresses - The New Generation" - 12 Feb 99

Site Updates - 12 Feb 99

More Site Updates - 5 Feb 99

More Blade Runner/Dome news - 5 Feb 99

This just in. I'll add the screening info to the proper pages mid-week. Thanks Blake!

From: "Middleton, Blake"
Subject: Blade Runner in 70mm!
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 12:29:24 -0800 

Blade Runner is showing at the Cinerama Dome for one week (starting
today) in 70mm.  It's supposed to be the "Original Director's Cut".

I talked to a manager at the theatre today, and she said that it's a
70mm mag print and looks pretty old.  Based on that, I'd say that this
is that strange 70mm work print which turned up a few years back, and
prompted the restoration and release of the true director's cut in 1992
(which actually wasn't a complete restoration, either).

For anyone who hasn't seen this print, it's al alternate version of
Blade Runner with a huge number of differences from any of the versions
you know.  There is no voice-over narration, no unicorn scene, some
shots are different, and the music cues are a bit different.  (The last
couple of reels aren't even finished, and have temp music from Jerry
Goldsmith's "Planet of the Apes".)

"Blade Runner" is, in my opinion, one of the finest films ever made.
(It ranks in my top five.)  If you want to see it from a whole new
perspective, come see this print.  And if you've never seen "Blade
Runner" before, watching this 70mm print at the Dome is an ideal way to

After that, the Dome is doing a two-week film festival of Columbia
classics.  Here's the schedule:


Fri/Sat  Lawrence of Arabia (in 70mm)
Sun/Mon  Doctor Strangelove / Easy Rider
Tue      It Happened One Night / Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Wed      The Bridge on the River Kwai
Thu      Guess Who's Coming to Dinner / Tootsie
Fri-Sun  Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Definitive Director's Cut)
Mon/Tue  From Here to Eternity / On the Waterfront
Wed/Thu  Taxi Driver

I've already seen this new cut of "Close Encounters", and it really is
worth catching.  And everything I said about "Blade Runner" goes double
for "Lawrence of Arabia".  That one ranks #1 on my list of the greatest
films ever made.

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Mann Theatres for sale - 5 Feb 99

Sherman Oaks Galleria closing for 18 months - 5 Feb 99

James Cameron Films at the Cinematheque - 29 Jan 99

The American Cinematheque ( (or, if you can't spell that, works too) is starting its regular programming at its new home with a big bang - six James Cameron films in four days, several in 70mm and most with guests in attendance, from Cameron himself to Gloria Stuart for Titanic. Check their web site for details, but don't try to head down to the box office for tickets - until the 3rd it's not open. Try by fax or Moviephone or

Laemmle to open 7 screen arthouse in Pasadena next Friday (2/5) - 29 Jan 99

From the Laemmle Email Newsletter:


The latest addition to our theatre chain features stadium-style seating with plush high backed chairs. The auditoriums feature Dolby SR or Dolby Digital sound formats and we are pleased to announce the first films that will play: Rushmore, Affliction, The General, Little Voice and Playing by Heart"

Try their website at for more details.

Final Tales Cinema Cafe Screenings - 22 Jan 99

Oodles of Updates - 15 Jan 99

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