New Beverly

July 2008 – finally, updates! The theater list should be accurate now, but I have not yet done the phone numbers, new web links, etc. I also bet the ticket prices have gone up in nine years. If you have any details, feel free to leave them in the comments!

7165 Beverly Bl, Los Angeles
Recording: 213-938-4038 / Voice:

Theater Type: revival, single screen
Directions: one block west of LaBrea
Parking Tips: on street. watch signs. Parking on LaBrea after 7pm only.
Ticket Prices: 5.00 general  
4.00 students
3.00 seniors (I think)
Discount card – 8 admissions for 24.00
Theaters: 1 – about 250 seats (?), mono sound only
Comments: Revival and Repertory – schedule available at New Beverly schedule
online. With three changes weekly (Su/M/T, W/H, F/Sa), double features 99% of the time, plus “Reservoir Dogs” every Saturday at Midnight, this place is tough to beat. They show everything from recent films you probably missed, to classics you’ve seen a dozen times but maybe never in a theater. The pairs are almost always themed (stars, directors, or subject matter) and it’s rare I don’t want to stay for both shows.Recently replaced all the seats (except the sacred first row) and while now it’s easy to sit through those double features, it would be nice if they’d get stereo and clean up the screen a little. Sometimes prints are iffy, as are the changeovers. I wouldn’t go for big epic actioners; smaller pics feel better here. But for the number of movies that come through here, this place goes on the essential list.  

OCK 12/02/96

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