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July 2008 – finally, updates! The theater list should be accurate now, but I have not yet done the phone numbers, new web links, etc. I also bet the ticket prices have gone up in nine years. If you have any details, feel free to leave them in the comments!

6925 Hollywood Bl, Hollywood 90028
Recording: 323-464-8111 / Voice: 323-461-3331 / Express Code: #059

Web Site:
Theater Type: first run, single screen
Directions: between Highland and LaBrea
Parking Tips: $2 garage behind the Hollywood Galaxy one block west; various other garages and lots. (Mostly expensive – try the one on Orange S of Hollywood Blvd, it’s reasonable.) Days – most streets are limited to one hour parking; try several blocks west or south of the theater. Nights – do not park on Hollywood Blvd, they tow fast! (Well, I think weeknights are probably OK but read the signs.) Street parking W of Highland and N of Hollywood is usually available although the neighborhood isn’t great; other areas of Hollywood are less great even than that.
Ticket Prices: 9.00 adults
6.25 students with ID (one ticket per ID)
5.75 for 12 and under, 60+
5.75 first two shows each day
prices checked 12/25/99
Theaters: 1494 seats – THX, SR, SR-D, SDDS, DTS, 70mm
Comments: Quite possibly the most famous movie theater in the world, with the faux-oriental architecture and the forecourt of footprints et al of the stars. The interior is pretty cool too, with giant columns down the sides and an impressive ceiling. Lots of premieres are held here (check listings for that day before going if it’s a weeknight).  

Recently the crowds have seemed a little weak to me – I’d bet it’s the neighborhood – and they took the best seats (dead center) and made them an aisle and I’ve never been happy about that. For my decidedly picky tastes it feels to me that the screen isn’t quite as large as I want for a theater that big (it’s still huge – over 60ft?) and I sometimes feel I have trouble understanding voices. I also usually find myself worrying about my car. (I guess if I would cough up the two bucks for a garage I’d feel better.) If a movie also opens at the Village (usually does) I’m likely to head there first. Still, to go to this undisputed piece of history is always kind of cool — I always find myself thinking, “Who sat in this seat? John Wayne? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Marilyn Monroe? All of them?” If you’ve never been, you have to go at least once.

I’m not much up on restaurants in that area; it seems a number of oldies and goodies have closed recently. I’m a fan of the Hamburger Hamlet across the street, though.

(Info on theaters 2 and 3, closed in Dec 98, was removed from here 1/15/99; the rest of the data hasn’t been checked)

OCK 11/23/96

More information on the theater is at:

OCK 2/26/99

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