El Capitan

photo of El Capitan inside

El Capitan, Hollywood, from the balcony, 1995(?) – Copyright 1995, 1997 Otto Kitsinger
July 2008 – finally, updates! The theater list should be accurate now, but I have not yet done the phone numbers, new web links, etc. I also bet the ticket prices have gone up in nine years. If you have any details, feel free to leave them in the comments!

6830 Hollywood Bl, Hollywood
Recording: 213-467-7674 / Voice: 213-467-9545

Theater Type: first run, single screen
Directions: west of Highland
Parking Tips:
Ticket Prices:
Theaters: 1 – 1040 seats, SR-D THX 70mm (probably DTS as well)
(about 550 of those seats are in the orchestra, the rest in the balcony)
Comments: This beautiful 1927 theater is an all-Disney house – I believe they paid for the beautiful restoration. For now, I’ll let the picture be the review.The theater is currently hosting “Hercules” with a live show and whatnot; tickets are expensive and many of the good seats are reserved seats (for more money still). Call ahead and check.

OCK 07/20/97

A rarity these days – El Cap is open, still with “Hercules”, but without the live show, so the prices don’t stink too badly. If you’ve never seen this place, do so now.

OCK 09/11/97

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