ArcLight Hollywood/Cinerama Dome

July 2008 – finally, updates! The theater list should be accurate now, but I have not yet done the phone numbers, new web links, etc. I also bet the ticket prices have gone up in nine years. If you have any details, feel free to leave them in the comments!

6360 Sunset Bl, Hollywood
Recording: 213-466-3401 / Voice: 213-466-3347

Theater Type: first run, single screen
Directions: one block west of vine
Parking Tips: lot next door west is 3.00 I think; limited street parking – check signs
Ticket Prices: 7.50 adults  
4.50 kids/seniors
4.50 first two shows daily
Theaters: 1 – 959 seats; SRD DTS SDDS 70mm
Comments: Huge curved screen designed for Cinerama process causes some minor distortion in the corners for normal wide-screen movies; if you’re not too close or off to the sides it’s actually pretty neat. Half-a-golf-ball shape is distinctive but means they can’t get THX certification; sound is good anyway. Neighborhood is benignly iffy.Several times a year the Dome will have a classic, usually a restored release; every now and there there’s a monthlong series of weeklong specials. You’ve never seen “2001″ unless you’ve seen it here.  

OCK 12/02/96

Thanks to Ed Nomura (who has a great movie site at (link updated 06 Sep 99) for passing along the actual seat count (my old estimate was 250 low… sheesh) and a couple of other facts:

“Anyways, to update your page on the Dome, it has 959 seats, and has shown
pics in the past in all three formats SDDS, DTS (GoldenEye, although it didn’t
open here), and DD (Crimson Tide, Medicine Man). They seem to favor SDDS now.
Or maybe what I see there is usually SDDS. I only went to the Dome twice
last year, From Dusk Til Dawn and Heavy Metal. Oh yeah, and last I was there
the parking was $4 in the lot next to it…”

He also mentioned (and while I haven’t been to see Evita yet I was able to confirm with other friends) that they have installed a flat screen, probably at Alan Parker’s request. I hear it looks good and I hope they leave it – the curve on their original screen really is only meant for Cinerama, a process that is used about once every never these days.

OCK 01/26/97

That screen has been pulled back out. Darn.

OCK 09/11/97

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