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July 2008 – finally, updates! The theater list should be accurate now, but I have not yet done the phone numbers, new web links, etc. I also bet the ticket prices have gone up in nine years. If you have any details, feel free to leave them in the comments!

  8949 Wilshire Bl , Beverly Hills
  Recording: 310-247-3600 / Voice:   / Express Code:  

Web Site:
Theater Type: special, single screen
Directions: between Robertson and Doheny
Parking Tips: Restricted parking on most streets around the Academy; free underground parking below the Academy and at other nearby garages (addresses posted at the Academy garage entrance if full). Don’t park on Wilshire weekdays before 7pm, you will be towed.
Ticket Prices: varies with event; usually 5.00 to 7.00
Theaters: 1 – 1012 seats, nearly every sound and projection format known
Comments: An absolutely beautiful theater – great sound and projection, wide rows and soft seats, the decor has nice wood accents and whatnot – nothing less than expected of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Even the way the lights go down is great – first the house, then the curtain lights, then the walls, and finally the spotlights on the two nine-foot Oscar statues flanking the screen. 

There are a number of public events at the Academy, ranging from their Standard Screenings series (usually the third friday of the month) to various tribute screenings and lectures. Call for details.

OCK 10/13/96

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