AMC Promenade 16 Woodland Hills

July 2008 – finally, updates! The theater list should be accurate now, but I have not yet done the phone numbers, new web links, etc. I also bet the ticket prices have gone up in nine years. If you have any details, feel free to leave them in the comments!

21801 Oxnard St, Woodland Hills 91367
Recording: 818-883-2262 / Voice: 818-883-0706 / Express Code:  

Web Site:
Theater Type: first run, multiplex (16 screens)
Directions: Corner of Oxnard and Topanga Cyn Blvd. Exit 101 at Topanga Cyn, go north two blocks.
Parking Tips: It’s on the end of a mall; lots of free parking but it can get crowded early.
Ticket Prices: 8.50 adults  
4.50 children 2-13
5.50 weekday matinees/students/seniors 55+
4.50 weekday twilight shows (4-6pm)
5.50 weekend/holiday matinee and twilight
You can use Visa or MC at the boxoffice, up to 3 days in advance. $1 per ticket service charge
Tix by phone – 310-289-4262 (289-4AMC)
prices checked 12/25/99
Theaters: 16 screens; all have SDDS (but remember not all films are released this way); none are THX due to theater design (see review below). Largest screens (#s 7,8,9) are ~440(?); smallest screens are under ~60.
Comments: This is the third in the country of a new theater design and it’s got a fair amount going for it, for a multiplex. It opened in the spring of 1996.   

All 16 auditoriums feature stadium-raked seating; the guy in front of you would have to be about nine feet tall to get in your way. After about the sixth row, though, you’re getting to be above the screen — a little odd but may bother only me. Because of the angle of the seats, none of the theaters can be THX-certified but the sound systems in all are certainly state of the art. In a few of the smaller theaters (I haven’t been in them all yet) much of the sound appeared from my typically third-row seat to be coming from above the screen — again, may not bother you.

The seats are “LoveSeats” — the armrests can fold up so you can cuddle with your date, should you happen to have one and they go for that. (This also means if it isn’t crowded you can take LOTS of room. Very nice.) Cupholders are built into the back of the row in front of you; headrests are VERY high and adds some nice privacy (an effect of the angle of the theater, really); row spacing is much wider than usual.

I went for some special screenings of old 1:33 movies in the spring and the theater didn’t have the capability to project that ratio properly — the tops and bottoms of images were cut off. Very annoying. If they hold specials again, you may wish to find out first if they’ve added that type of lens mount to their projectors. I’ll ask next time I’m there; I also want to get exact sizes on all auditoriums.

OCK 7/27/96

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