AMC Century City 15

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  1. I am considerably disappointed in AMC and IMAX’s new practice of installing “LieMAX” screens. Don’t be fooled – the IMAX screen at the AMC 15 in Century City is NOT real IMAX. This screen is SLIGHTLY larger than the standard screens at any local multiplex – no where near the 100′ tall IMAX real screens and the projection is NOT 15-70mm, but rather dual digital projectors. Although this is a larger screen and the image is very sharp and clear – this is NOT IMAX and not worth the additional $5. Take the time to go to the Science Museum or the Universal Studios Citywalk for the legit IMAX experience.

    Jay Holben
    Technical Editor
    DV Magazine

    - Jay Holben on 30 Jul 2009 at 12:53 am.

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