Movie Theaters | UA Westwood

United Artists
10889 Wellworth Av, Westwood
Recording: 310-475-9444 / Voice: 310-475-8013
Theater Type: first run, multiplex (three screens)
Directions: 2 blocks south of Wilshire on the east side
Parking Tips: $3 next door in Grant lot, or on street - check signs VERY CAREFULLY. Easier W of Westwood Blvd; many restrictions E of Westwood Blvd.
Ticket Prices: 8.00
4.50 children/seniors
5.25 students
4.75 before 6 daily
310-777-FILM for tickets by phone
Theaters: 1 - 520 seats, THX 702 - 520 seats, THX 703 - 178 seatsAt least one DTS unit.
Comments: I like 1 and 2 here (two seemed better and I couldn't possibly tell you why without going again). I think they've got SDDS systems also; watch the ads. #3 is oddly shaped.

OCK 7/28/96

I can remember a time when where we went to the movies was just as important as the movies we went to see .... From the moment moviegoers arrived to buy their tickets, there was a sense of something special, a feeling that to step inside was to enter another time and place. - Gene Kelly