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The "Multiplexes suck." Star Wars Ticket shirt!

(Hi from May 2020. This is not accurate anymore, obviously.)

[ small scan of shirt ]Late Sunday night I thought this shirt would be funny and I went about figuring out how to make four or five for myself and friends. It turned out so well that quite a few people wanted one, so I made extras and they're available to you here.

At left is a small scan of one of the actual shirts; click it or here to see a actual size copy of the image. It's not a full image because the printing on the shirt is too large to fit on my scanner; it's 10 by about 10 and a half inches. The red is fairly accurate but the silver isn't quite that bright, but it is reflective and looks great. (At least, it's a little bright on my monitor.)

Below there's a really bad gif mockup I made as a test before the printing, to show you what the whole shirt looks like. It's a black high quality Hanes Beefy-T shirt, with a silver movie ticket about ten by 6 inches that was for the first showing (12:01 AM Wed 5/19/99) at the Village in Westwood. Above it in red in a Star Wars font it says "MULTIPLEXES SUCK." and below it in the same font and color is "".

I've got L and XL, and a few S, M and XXL. They're $15 each, and if you can catch me at a movie or somewhere around LA in person there's no postage. Otherwise it's $1.50, which is slightly less than what it actually is but is close enough.

Many people have asked me to do one for the Chinese first screening too; if I get just twenty requests I can print them, so let me know how many of what size you'd like.

Please drop me an email with the size you want and I'll make sure it's here before telling you to send a check or money order, or arranging to meet for a swap. If you want one (or more) for the Chinese, let me know and as soon as enough requests have come in I will get them printed.

By the way, I'm just a fan, I'm not really charging any more than cost, and your email or snailmail address won't end up on any mailing lists.

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