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Mystery, Alaska 10 Sep 99

I don't know when this opens but it was a fairly public screening and nobody was asked to not say stuff publicly, so here you go. You probably remember trailers for this film eons ago, a sure sign there were problems. Yup. The first half of the film feels really clunky: too many characters, not enough of any one of them to really get to know them, with some really bad photography (or was I seeing it in the wrong aspect ratio?) to make things worse. The second half remains pretty sitcom-ish/dramedy-ish although I did find myself caring about the big game. But in the end, there wasn't enough of the small town for me to care, and not quite enough of the sports stuff for me to care. "Cool Runnings" it isn't. "Without Limits" or "Rocky" it also isn't. Sweet but messy and lightweight. Hockey fans will probably go nuts for this, though. B-

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