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Magnolia 17 Dec 99

A sprawling and usually brilliant work, full of great parts and performances alike. While resembling Altman's "Short Cuts" on a lot of structural and dramatic levels, there's a freshness of voice here unlike much else seen this -- or any other -- year. However, there's about a half hour too much of this freshness, and there were a few times during the film I wished for a cut about half as long. Strange that a film struck me better after it was done than while watching it. Then again, it takes its time to build to what it wants to build to; I'll take a little self-indulgence if it comes with this little standard formula. A

I can remember a time when where we went to the movies was just as important as the movies we went to see .... From the moment moviegoers arrived to buy their tickets, there was a sense of something special, a feeling that to step inside was to enter another time and place. - Gene Kelly