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Any Given Sunday 24 Dec 99

Me, as the credits started: "That was shiny bullshit."

My (then) girlfriend: "I liked the shiny bullshit, kinda sorta." Then later: "It's nice to come out of an Oliver Stone film not thinking the quarterback killed Kennedy."

That pretty much sums it up. It's absolutely an Oliver Stone film, for all the good and bad that implies. But without the political pummelling, it's a lot of fun to watch something this big and brash and noisy; perfect for a football film. The grade is both because and in spite of a completely predictable screenplay. High praise for everything else here that I really didn't care. A-

I can remember a time when where we went to the movies was just as important as the movies we went to see .... From the moment moviegoers arrived to buy their tickets, there was a sense of something special, a feeling that to step inside was to enter another time and place. - Gene Kelly