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Cast of American Beauty, 08 Sep 99

On September 8, 1999 at the Bruin in Westwood, there was a screening of American Beauty followed by a Q & A with stars Kevin Spacey, Thora Birch, Mena Suvari, Wes Bentley, director Sam Mendes and producers Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks. (I may not have the producers correct.)

Sitting in the front row with me was Karen, who was smart enough to have at least a snappy-cam with her. With her permission, I've cleaned up the shots and posted them here in the three-month time span expected of all crack news organizations. For usage and whatnot, write her from her site.

I can remember a time when where we went to the movies was just as important as the movies we went to see .... From the moment moviegoers arrived to buy their tickets, there was a sense of something special, a feeling that to step inside was to enter another time and place. - Gene Kelly