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The Plaza Late Show 6/18/95 - 12/12/99

Very suddenly and for reasons having nothing to do with profitability or viability, the Plaza Late Show program has been shut down. For those of us who made the Plaza a weekly home, it is a loss indeed. While other theaters would sometimes book some of the same films, few of them had the same attention to projection and sound the Plaza exhibited week after week.

There are a number of options for a new home for the program, and in one form or another, it will continue sometime in the new year. Three theaters are under discussion -- one on a Hollywood studio lot and two in Santa Monica -- and who will program them and in what capacity is under review as well.

The Late show site ( remains live and will have details as they become available. There's also a survey and a discussion board, and you are encouraged to contribute your thoughts about locations and whatnot.

Alternatively, all news will be posted here, and you can send me your comments or requests for further info at You will not be placed on any sort of "real" mailing list; just a few messages now and then about getting the program going again.

For now, there is the Cool Late Show program at the USC University Village 3 and a program will be starting at the Rialto in Pasadena this January. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.



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